Retro Sunset, Modal
Retro Sunset, Modal

Retro Sunset, Modal

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I was made of 100% cellulose. Even though I am made of plant fibres, a little chemistry is still necessary for my manufacturing process, which is why I have a special role among all lille fabrics, not only as a little sensitive one. As I am made of 5% elastane in addition to 95% modal, I bring a pleasant elasticity without losing shape. Due to my manufacturing process I am also smoother and more flowing and absorbent than all the other fabrics here, which makes me the ideal sewing ingredient for dresses, shirts and even sportswear and underwear. With a width of 1.50 meters and a weight of 200 g per m² I offer you a lot of room for your creative ideas.

I am very sensitive and like it best if you put me in a laundry bag before washing. I like washing powder for fine fabrics best of all, but I don't like fabric softener at all, because I am very soft by nature. I feel most comfortable at 30 degrees in the wool washing programme or the easy-care washing programme. It is best to wash me together with other laundry that has a similar colour to mine. Please do not put me in the dryer. It does me no good at all and actually I dry quite fast by myself. If you pay attention to all of this, you will have joy with me for a long time.

This listing is for half a metre (multiple quantities purchased will be sent as 1 uncut length of fabric) For example, if you wish to purchase 1 metre of fabric, select 2 under quantity. the colours of this image are indicative and may vary according to screen settings 

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